Marketing/Dell Med/Investment Update — 10/21/20


In this article, we will be updating you on Marketing/Dell Med/Investment. If you missed our previous article on the most recent Development update, you can read it HERE. We appreciate the time and effort the community has spent spreading the word on Duality.


-Dynamic will have a NEW exchange listing! The community voted and WhiteBIT was the clear winner. Trading will be live on October 29th. The listing includes:

  • BTC and USDT trading pairs
  • Zero-fee trading for the community (for 2 weeks after the listing)
  • Market making for two months
  • 2 social media announcements (1 ‘coming soon’ announcement prior to listing and 1 ANN on the listing day)
  • Trading competition
  • AMA session on WhiteBIT’s telegram channel or as a live-stream on WhiteBIT’s YouTube channel
  • Email blast announcement after the listing is live

Make sure to use this referral link to get 0% trading fees for the first two weeks!

-For those that missed it, the Linqto Global Investor Conference video can be viewed HERE.

-We’ve joined the HIMSS Blockchain TaskForce. This committee is meant to explore and educate the healthcare community on the practical applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies within the healthcare setting. Members of this group are tasked with (1) highlighting real-word examples of the technology’s use, (2) creating resources to better understand the technology and considerations for implementation and (3) sharing subject matter expertise on the various use cases to which the technology can be applied.

  • We’ve also joined JumpStart Refinery, an online healthcare community where healthcare founders and entrepreneurs can connect, grow and learn with others who are all looking to change the future of healthcare.

Dell Med

‘Painstorming’ session completed on Oct 14th

Learning Event tentatively scheduled for Oct 28th

Practice run scheduled for Nov 17th.

Main Learning Event and RapidFire Innovation Round scheduled for Feb 3rd, 2021. This will be a virtual event and are in discussions to open it up to the public so anyone can join.


We continue to talk to investors every week. Our goal is to close the first round of $2m by Dec 31st. We’ve submitted applications to crowdfunding sites like Republic and MicroVentures. We’ve already had a call with Micro and hope to talk with Republic soon to decide on which platform to launch on.

Enjoy your weekend and keep up the community marketing excitement! Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do it with you!

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