Dynamic Update — Unintended Fork

Why did it happen?

As stated above, the reason this happened was because of oscillating hash power from a single pool that dominated the network hash rate. The image below shows the mining pool hash power distribution.

Can this be prevented in the future?

The best thing to do is for the community to spread hash power to different mining pools. This will balance out the network and prevent this from happening again.

Next Steps:

Reindex your controller wallet by going to the Tools and Wallet Repair menu item.

Restarting your Dynodes:

Once your controller wallet is reindexed, contact your host to make sure they are on the correct chain before you start them again.


We continue to monitor the situation and will be adding code to the new versions of Dynamic to mitigate problems in the future. We will look into the difficulty adjustment algorithm to see if we can discourage hash power oscillation.



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