Dynamic 2.5 Release


Dynamic 2.5 is set to release…

  • [BDAP] Add BDAP audits with meta data transactions
  • [BDAP] Add BDAP x509 Certificate CA, requests and approval transactions
  • [Build] Bump Boost version to 1.70
  • [Build] Upgrade to OpenSSL v1.1.1i
  • [PoW] Change DAA parameters
  • [RPC] Add getsubsidy RPC command
  • [RPC] Add audits RPC commands
  • [RPC] Add certificate RPC commands
  • [Wallet] Disable wallet versions
  • [Wallet] Fix wallet issue where too many keys were being created during rescans
  • [Util] Fix add months to epoch functions
  • [Params] Add checkpoints every 100,000 blocks
  • [Doc] Update build documentation for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Bump protocol version to 72500
  • Bump client version to



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