Dynamic 2.5 Release — 3 to 4 week ETA

2 min readMar 13, 2021



Dynamic 2.5 is coming…

Here is a list of the updates coming out in Dynamic 2.5:

  • Add new feature to store audit hashes on the Dynamic blockchain
  • BDAP owned audit
  • Anonymous audit
  • Single audit transaction
  • Batch or multiple audit transaction
  • Audits with metadata
  • Add new feature Dynamic BDAP accounts can serve as Certificate Authorities
  • BDAP accounts can create a x509 CA Certificate (ed25519 support only)
  • BDAP accounts can request a client certificate from a CA on the network (ed25519 support only)
  • BDAP accounts can approve certificate requests (ed25519 support only)
  • Updated OpenSSL from v1.0.1 to the most current v1.1.1 stable release. Previous v1.0.1 version support ended in 2016. https://www.openssl.org/blog/blog/2018/09/11/release111/. Includes the latest security bug fixes
  • Support for various new cryptographic algorithms including:
    EdDSA (including Ed25519 and Ed448)
    X448 (adding to the existing X25519 support in 1.1.0)
    Multi-prime RSA
  • Update Qt from v5.7.1 to v5.9.8
  • Update Boost from v1.67 to v1.70
  • Removed Payment Protocol
  • BIP70 deprecation
  • Reduce Dynode bandwidth usage
  • Wallet bug fix. Keypool was creating too many entries when scanning the blockchain

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