Duality’s Development Suite

Development Suite:

  • Smart Contracts: The Duality platform will have an embedded Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that can run ERC20 smart contracts to provide developers with a familiar development and deployment framework. These smart contracts will support custom application development and asset creation that enhance the overall use of Duality.
  • Other Tokens: Application developers may create their own smart contract based tokens with their own set of rules and functions as required by the unique application. This is very similar to how new tokens and applications are created using the Ethereum protocol.
  • Unique Digital Assets: Digital assets can be created to represent real-world assets and asset ownership. These assets can be stored, moved and tracked using the platform.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration: A management tool to control major cloud infrastructure provider keys within your wallet. It is designed to automate infrastructure orchestration tasks and quickly deploy cloud resources for your application.
  • Application Sandbox Environments: Testing environments with mock data and connections to FHIR resources and related services.
  • Software Development Kits: Software development kits to provide instructions and use case examples in multiple languages demonstrating the utility of all APIs, smart contracts, sandboxes and private sidechains.
  • Dynamic Explorer: To aid with both debugging of contracts and the understanding of network performance. The explorer presents information from the blockchain in an easily digestible web-based format.
  • Dynamic Controller Wallet: A wallet is a basic place for developers to store the assets they need to use the network. The Dynamic controller wallet is intended to be a seamless development console with built-in functionality to easily enable APIs, smart contracts and sidechains.
  • Thin Blockchain Wallets: Thin blockchain wallets are essential for blockchain applications and the ability to quickly sign transactions that are needed within an application. The wallets will be available for major mobile platforms and as a browser extension. A good example of this technology in practice is MetaMask used by ERC-20 applications.
  • API Library: Duality will have an ever evolving suite of APIs for developers to quickly deploy and integrate into their applications. APIs are discussed further in the technology overview section.
  • Platform Application Store: A central marketplace for users to browse available solutions and for developers to leverage the Duality global network.



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