Duality’s Platform Design

3 min readApr 3, 2021



Duality’s Platform Design:

Duality is a decentralized data infrastructure and interoperability framework that allows health IT developers to accurately and securely identify, manage, track, and link global health data in real-time. The infrastructure behind the platform is secured by a potentially infinite number of decentralized nodes run by individuals and organizations from around the world that contribute a portion of their CPU and hard drive space to the platform. This creates a network with always on availability and without a single point of failure.

Duality includes both a public permissionless and private permissioned blockchain infrastructure for deploying and running decentralized applications. This hybrid design allows developers to access public data resources, like a trusted provider directory, while at the same time manage private data with secure access control. Developers write smart contract applications and deploy them on the platform through a process that feels very similar to how applications are deployed to existing centralized clouds. When end-users interact with the application they will likely not even realize it’s a blockchain powered application and, with proper development, will function seamlessly with web and/or mobile interfaces.


  • Duality is underpinned by the technology of the Dynamic public blockchain. Dynamic functions as an open, highly redundant and available API framework used to audit, verify, and request access to sidechains. Proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus algorithms are used to reach agreement on transactions and maintain trust between nodes rather than a central authority driving change and administration. This helps reduce resourcing requirements, directory maintenance costs, and eliminates the need to employ trusted third parties for hosting, administering and managing data.


  • Sidechains allow granular access control, industry best security, high availability, robust accountability with immutable audits, and smart contracts to enforce critical business logic. Sidechains are extensions of the mainchain that increase scalability by offloading tasks. Duality sidechains can be public or private depending on the developers desired application. Sidechains use accounts and/or certificates to authorize who is allowed to access their private blockchain. Sidechains can have different consensus rules and sovereignty to meet the needs required by the hosted application. By offloading (sharding) computation and transactions to sidechains, the Duality platform can achieve higher throughput and indefinite scalability. Sidechains also remove bloat from the mainchain and can make applications that need large scale transactions faster and private. Our sidechains will also have the ability to run distributed SQL and NoSQL databases with account and/or certificate based access control and authentication. Since healthcare data must remain confidential and secure, a trusted permissioned blockchain layer is required.

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