Duality is going Global…


At Duality, we recognize the importance of having focus on specific industries. When we first started this venture, our main focus was on the Healthcare Industry. Due to the vast amount of industries that blockchain technology can serve, we decided it was best to have separate entities for each industry and expand from there as the company takes aim and starts focusing on more and more industry specific blockchain solutions.

Duality consists of these entities:

  • Duality Global — Duality Global is the main governing entity of both Duality Blockchain Solutions and Duality Health.
  • Duality Blockchain Solutions — Duality Blockchain Solutions at its core, is the development company behind the creation of blockchain applications such as pShare™ and protocols such as BDAP™. DBS is where the ongoing development of blockchain infrastructure and solutions will take place.
  • Duality Health — Duality Health will serve as the point of contact for leading-edge identification and data management software to the healthcare industry including the award-winning patient identify solution NoID™.

As we continue our journey in the blockchain space, we will have many announcements in the near future. We are consistently pushing forward with development of both our blockchain as well as applications and collaborations with various entities. Stay tuned!!!

Refer to our website for more information. https://duality.solutions