Duality introduces Swapper for DYN — DYNB and DYNB — DYN conversion…


As you know, Duality introduced DYNB with the goal of gaining more liquidity through the utilization of the Binance chain. This in turn gives users access to DEX markets, whereas before with just DYN, users were limited to centralized exchanges. The original article introducing DYNB can be read here:


After a long road of testing and error proofing, Duality is proud to introduce our swap website. Through our swap website, users will be able to swap DYN for DYNB and vice versa.

The Duality swap website is now live:


Duality Swapper

Read more about Duality, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin.

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What is Binance Smart Chain? Read this tech deep-dive.

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Refer to our website for more information. https://duality.solutions

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Refer to our website for more information. https://duality.solutions

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