Duality introduces DYNB!

DYNB is available now on PancakeSwap!

What Is Dynamic BEP20 (DYNB)?

  • Since the release of DYNB, traders on decentralized exchanges have had the opportunity to trade DYN, even if the DYN is hosted on a completely different blockchain. DYNB therefore provides DEX traders with access to even more trading pairs, resulting in increased trading volumes and liquidity.
  • As the range of available assets has grown, so has liquidity, which is an advantage for users of the exchange.
  • Duality has sealed a strong reputation over the years and has earned the trust of its users, so many users are willing to swap their DYN in order to access DYNB.
  • Anyone can check the DYN reserves at any convenient time, which attests to the project’s high degree of transparency.
  • DYN and therefore DYNB have real world use-cases in the healthcare industry including major collaborations with Universities and leading hospital systems.

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