Duality 2021 Year-End Review

5 min readDec 31, 2021
Duality 2021 Year-End Review

There’s no doubt 2022 will be a transformative year for Duality. It’s a make it or break situation; an all-in moment for us to rise to the occasion. It’s time we show the world who we are and what we’ve accomplished because if we don’t, we’ll be added to the statistics of failed startups.

But I don’t think this will happen, because I believe. I believe in our team. I believe in our community. I believe that we’ve built something that will change the world. There are some fundamental problems in healthcare and our technology has the potential to change how health systems are designed, built, and interact with one another.

The CTO of IBM Watson Health, Ted Tanner, states that “the success of a startup can be narrowed down to the three T’s: Tech, Team, and Timing.”

I’m highly confident in our tech and our team, but is our timing right? Is the market ready for our solution?

It’s clear that now is the time. Now is the time for Duality to showcase one of the first applications built on top of a healthcare blockchain.

When I sat down to write this year-end review I decided to approach it from a personal perspective to try to communicate and reflect how I see this year’s accomplishments and challenges, as well as the priorities for next year.

As with most things in life, perspective is everything. And from my perspective, 2021 was our best year yet. Below is a list of what I believe highlights our biggest accomplishments in 2021:

Duality whitepaper released

Dynamic V2.5 released

Duality Health selected into Texas Venture Labs

Completed first innovation cycle with Health Product Innovation Team at Dell Medical School

PIX MVP 99% complete

I’d like to reflect real quick on the last item, PIX.

For context, PIX is an application which uses biometrics to identify patients with near 100% accuracy and facilitate health data exchange across organizations. PIX is based on our award winning CHIME National Patient ID Challenge concept and finalist submission which outlines our plans to create a health data exchange ecosystem that uses our identity application with a decentralized blockchain network to link, manage, secure and store patient data across organizations.

That’s a mouth full. And developing it is even more difficult. One of the challenges we faced this year was the ability to accurately estimate completion dates. The problem with creating something that no one has ever done before is, well, no one has ever done it before. We were flying blind.

And it’s hard. It takes time. We underestimated a lot of things and were forced to overcome complications we didn’t foresee. This is expected by anybody who has built or developed software before, and we know this.

But we failed to communicate.

Communication was our biggest failure this year. It wasn’t the delayed releases or the pushed back timelines. It was the communication. We had a plan, plans changed, things got pushed back, but we didn’t communicate it properly. We over-promised and under-delivered.

However we learned from our mistakes and we won’t let it happen again.

2022 — Year of the Tiger

Growth. Strength. Braveness. These are the characteristics of our New Year.

We’ve built a product and now we need to sell it.

The hardest part is complete! We’ve built something from nothing. We’ve built a real-world healthcare application. Now we need to sell it. We need to let people know it exists.


We’ve said it before but we’ve never fully executed. We’ve always been hesitant because we didn’t have a product to sell. Well now we do. And if we don’t sell it, we won’t survive.

For PIX, the first goal of 2022 is to secure a pilot partner. Once our initial pilot is complete all of the doors will fully open including our next round of funding.

We’re currently raising our Seed round of $1.5m to which we already have $400k committed from our existing investors. This will bring our total funding to date up to $2,350,000.

For the blockchain side, our first and most important goal of 2022 is to create a stable and healthy blockchain ecosystem. We had a number of unintended forks this year that caused confusion, inconvenience and stress. We have to find a permanent solution to this problem before PIX goes live. We have to build a solid foundation and I’m confident our talented team and community will agree on a solution.

Below is our high level roadmap for 2022 (subject to change):


DYN <> DYNB swap site

PIX v1.0 (MVP)

PIX pilot

PIX marketing

Duality marketing


Dynamic v2.6

Redesign Duality Website

PIX v1.1


PIX 2.0

PIX first revenue

Close Seed round $1.5m

Identity Services and WebBridge API


Dynamic Public & Private Sidechains

Dynamic Smart Contracts

Dynamic Proof-of-Stake

I’ll end by sharing a 3 minute demo of PIX and extending my sincere thanks to all those that have made it possible. To the great team at Duality, to all of our investors, community members, friends, family, advisors, and partners.

Thank you.

Thank you for getting us to where we are today and thank you for helping us get to where we will be tomorrow. Your belief, your energy, your support, and your love is what keeps us going. All it takes is one person to believe. One person who believes that we can change the world. I believe. I believe in us. I believe that together we will make this a reality.

All my love,

Clayton G. Saliba
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