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A month ago, we promised the community we would be pushing updates and news every few weeks. We recently announced that Duality Health will be participating in the Global Investor Conference Here. Below are some updates as to where we stand on development progress, our collaboration in development with Dell Medical School and some Investor Updates.

Dell Med requirements and timeline have forced us to remove assets from Dynamic v2.5. Current updates are as follows:

WebBridge API and SDK — Connecting HTTP servers and clients on disparate networks using WebRTC and blockchain signaling.

Overall Status: 70% complete

Due date: November 1, 2020 (tentative)

Identity Service API and SDK — Hashed distributed identity queries and matching.

Overall Status: 50% complete

Due date: November 1, 2020 (tentative)

Dynamic v2.5

Overall Status: 78% complete

Due date: November 16, 2020 (subject to change)

Next meeting scheduled with Dell Med is Monday Sept 16 to finalize the Learning and RapidFire Events.

‘Painstorming’ session is scheduled for Oct 14th

Learning Event tentatively scheduled for Oct 28th

RapidFire Innovation Round scheduled to start Nov 2nd with final submissions due by Nov 15th.

As you’re aware, we secured investment from Bandera Capital and Sapien Ventures. Our goal is to close this first round of investment at $2m by Dec 31st. We’ve had meetings with three investment groups this last week and I’m happy to say that two of them are very interested. NDAs have been signed and we are in deep discussions.

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