Dynamic 2.5 is set to release…

We’re happy to announce that Dynamic v2.5 will be released on Friday August 6th.

On September 22nd, the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) changes to Digishield v3.

Exchanges, Dynodes and Pools need to update to v.2.5 before September 15th because after September 22nd, v2.4 versions will not be able to connect to v2.5.

The official updates that made it into Dynamic 2.5 are as follows:

On May 9, 2021 at 12:26 UTC the Dynamic (DYN) blockchain forked and created two chains. Upon investigation, it was determined that this was not a malicious attack but simply an unintended consequence of oscillating hashrate from the Anomp mining pool. Anomp mined approximately 10 blocks during one of their boost cycles with very few peers and created the fork. Some peers were able to join their longer fork before it got past the auto reconnect block height (10 blocks). You can see the Anomp oscillation in the hash graph below:

Duality’s innovative Blockchain Directory Access Protocol (BDAP) is a component of the platform that provides a decentralized mechanism for resource hierarchy management, data sharing, and data storage. BDAP adds a layer of resource hierarchy comparable to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). It provides a distributed database and account linking to the Dynamic blockchain and its sidechains. Unlike other protocols in existence today, this makes it possible to develop core information systems from a hybrid public-private blockchain. The hybrid design allows both anonymous and identified (permissionless and permissioned) nodes to connect and share data privately and securely without a third-party intermediary.

Development Suite:

The Duality platform is designed to democratize healthcare innovation. To achieve this we’re releasing a set of tools and reference implementations to facilitate development, deployment, and adoption. These tools include:


Duality’s Platform Design:

Duality is a decentralized data infrastructure and interoperability framework that allows health IT developers to accurately and securely identify, manage, track, and link global health data in real-time. The infrastructure behind the platform is secured by a potentially infinite number of decentralized nodes run by individuals and organizations from around the world that contribute a portion of their CPU and hard drive space to the platform. This creates a network with always on availability and without a single point of failure.

Duality includes both a public permissionless and private permissioned blockchain infrastructure for deploying and running decentralized applications. This hybrid…


What are Duality’s design principles?






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What can Duality’s Platform offer the Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain technology offers the healthcare industry a decentralized trust layer that removes human error and increases the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. Grounded in math and cryptography, blockchain creates a quantifiable approach to data privacy that eliminates numerous barriers preventing healthcare innovation.

While blockchain technology shows enormous potential, alone, it is not enough to solve the complex problems surrounding health data.

To address these industry specific needs, the Duality platform has integrated several key technologies and healthcare specific APIs including AI-powered biometric identity authentication, hashed FHIR profiles, machine learning data matching algorithms, smart contracts, decentralized computing, and an…


Dynamic 2.5 is coming…

Here is a list of the updates coming out in Dynamic 2.5:

3,500+ Dynodes — Another milestone for Duality!

Dynamic has surpassed the 3,500+ active Dynode mark, adding stability and security to the network. There are approximately 4,700 Dynodes in total, locking down 4.7MM DYN (31%) out of the circulating supply, but not all of them are effectively active.

What is a Dynode and why is the number of nodes so important?

Network Security:
Dynamic is a so-called “masternode-coin” which in practice means it has a two-layered approach to securing the network. The first layer is regular full-node instances of Dynamic and the second layer is collateralized full-nodes called Dynodes. …


2021: Duality Secures $500K additional funding from Angel Investors, Prepares for Commercialization.

There are certain times when everything just lines up perfectly, better than you could have planned, like it was meant to be. The Roman philosopher Seneca reminds us that we must create our own luck — to be prepared for the opportunity — “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”. Although we didn’t see Covid coming or these crazy economic times, our hard work and preparation has put us in a unique position that’s focused on the nexus between healthcare data and blockchain technology.

The past few…


Refer to our website for more information. https://duality.solutions

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